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What is your company’s need when it comes to metal enclosures or metal solutions?

For many of our clients, there is a specific idea of what is needed but no idea how to get it fabricated. Maysteel specializes in custom metal enclosures and our engineers work diligently to design metal solutions that fit your unique needs.

The industries we serve require metal enclosures customized for security and governmental regulations.

Our design engineering team stays on top of the constantly changing landscape for all of our clients as we work efficiently to build the custom metal enclosure to the specific guidelines required.

Whether your need is for a large-scale enclosure, an alternative energy enclosure or a self-service enclosure or kiosk, our engineers use a process involving Design for Manufacturability that allows us to create metal enclosures precisely while keeping costs down.

We invite you to learn more about our sheet metal fabrication process and finishing solutions. You can also take a tour of our facility to see our metal solutions team in action as we create ideas made in metal!


Maysteel designs and manufactures industrial drive cabinets customized to fit the desired application. All of our cabinets are the products of a robust manufacturing process and built for security and tamper-resistance. Industrial Drive Cabinets - Solutions
Our ANSI-certified processes ensure utility products are engineered and manufactured for optimal integrity and finish. All utility products are created using a standardized process and plan to account for low-volume, consistent production requirements. Utility enclosure
Maysteel’s plants and processes are built to handle all large-scale enclosure needs. With powder coat capabilities scaling up to 24 ft. L x10 ft. H x 8 ft. D., products are able to pass through a one-piece paint process to ensure a high-quality result.Solutions - Large-Scale Enclosures
Maysteel team members are versed in both EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) and RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) containment, creating optimal industry solutions. All high-precision indoor electronic chassis and enclosures are fitted for high cosmetic-sensitivity through automated powder coat technology.High Precision Indoor Enclosure - Maysteel LLC
Self-service enclosures are engineered for ADA (The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990) compliance and consumer safety, as well as built to UL standards assuring premium security protection. From electronic beverage dispensers to self-checkout kiosks, Maysteel is the provider of choice for self-service enclosures.Solutions - Self Service
Designed to outlast factors that commonly affect sheet metal components, Maysteel’s processes produce outdoor enclosures finished to pass the SCAB (stimulated corrosive atmospheric breakdown) test and the 1,500-hour salt-spray test. With robust finishing processes, they match the appropriate National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) ratings.Outdoor Enclosures
Maysteel’s alternative energy enclosures are the answer to these demanding applications. Maysteel creates highly-polished, wear-resistant enclosures to house sensitive components, regardless of size.Electric Vehicle Charger - Solutions

Maysteel engineers and manufactures security enclosures that are custom tailored to best fit the desired application, and that provide a high level of durability and protection for their internal contents.



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