Metal Finishing Solutions

A lot of work has gone into turning your idea into metal and you want to make sure the team you are working with has proven metal finishing solutions.

Regardless if we are working with hot-rolled metal or cold-rolled metal, having the best finishing expertise is what will make your custom product last longer. We have a powder coating technique that will withstand the environment. Our complete metal finishing solutions must pass the 1,500-hour salt-spray test and meet ANSI standards.

There are fundamental differences to hot-rolled metal and cold-rolled metal and how both are finished. The basic difference, though, involves what the metal is going to be used for. Hot-rolled metal doesn’t need to be used for precision products. Cold-rolled metal needs to be used when tolerance, surface condition and precision are needed. We specialize in both hot-rolled and cold-rolled metal finishing solutions.

When it comes to the finished product, the paint of the powder coating is crucial.

This will represent your brand appearance. We offer 60 standard quick-change colors as well as custom mix options. Knowing that your products may come in all shapes and sizes, our manual and automated powder coating booth capabilities scale up to 24 ft. L  x 10 ft. H x 8 ft. D.

Maysteel goes a step further by working to make our powder coating systems environmentally friendly. Part of this initiative includes in-house water treatment systems and self-containment of fumes.

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