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For over  80 years, Maysteel has proven its abilities to Fortune 100 companies around the world. Our sheet metal fabrication solutions and applications are found in a variety of industries, including utilities, self-service, alternative energies, medical and security industries. Let us show you how Maysteel can bring your vision to life with metal fabrication and finishing solutions that stand up to scrutiny, the elements and time.

Maysteel’s DAMAC Division Releases New Brand and Logo Under Maysteel Family

Following DAMAC’s acquisition by Maysteel this past January, DAMAC, the leading manufacturer of custom aisle containment and data racks, released its newly minted title and logo as DAMAC ‘A Division of Maysteel’. This rebrand signifies the strength and unity of the companies under the Maysteel family. Click here to read more.

Solutions for Metal Fabrication

You have a vision; an idea that will require metal fabrication. But, you don’t even know where to begin. Welcome to Maysteel, a worldwide leader in sheet metal fabrication and finishing solutions. Maysteel does more than just bend metal. We are a full-service manufacturer. We will take your idea and precisely engineer sheet-metal enclosures as well as come up with sheet metal fabrication solutions unique to your industry, business or product. And our metal fabrication process is built to protect your bottom line and the environment.

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Metal Fabrication Design

Maysteel sheet metal fabrication is focused on design for manufacturability (DFM) while bringing our clients the lowest total product cost. Our metal fabrication design engineers must meet your unique need while solving problems that tend to arise with innovative ideas. From concept to creation, from development to delivery, our finishing solutions must circle back to the idea that our product designs remain sustainable and keep you profitable as well as be easy to manufacture and bring to market.

High-Tech Metal Fabrication, Low Cost

Our sheet metal fabrication engineering consultants work very closely with our clients as we design, engineer, and manufacture their ideas in metal. Throughout every project, we use state-of-the-art processes, from robotic welding systems for metal joining to ultra-efficient finishing solutions that use up to 90 percent less water than other in-line pre-treatment systems. The result is efficient, resilient, robust finishing solutions with the lowest total product cost.
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  • Robust finishing solutions
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