Our clients come to us with specific sheet metal fabrication needs.

These are needs that can be unique to their industries but also unique for their own business. We have the expertise, flexibility and robust processes needed to create metal fabricated assemblies and metal fabricated components for any project.

Our Design Engineering Team knows what it takes to complete any sheet metal fabrication process request for a custom enclosure that can be used in all industries that require these types of units

We serve a variety of industries including Alternative Energy, Medical, Gaming, Security, Industrial Drives and Automation, Outdoor Utility and Self-Service/Kiosk. All of these markets require metal fabricated components and metal fabricated assemblies specifically designed for certain applications.

All of our customized sheet metal fabrication clients require a certain amount of creativity.

This creativity also needs to work with certain governmental guidelines that cover these customized sheet metal enclosures. The medical industry has to follow specific safety guidelines and our Self Service/Kiosk clients require metal fabricated assemblies and components that comply with ADA laws as well as withstand situational and environmental elements.

On top of complying with governmental guidelines and being creative with our sheet metal fabrication process, Maysteel engineers know our clients want their custom-built metal cabinet projects to be completed efficiently and economically.

Our engineers are proud of each project we complete and are proud to continue relationships with clients well beyond just one project.

Your company needs a sheet metal fabrication manufacturer that is invested in your future.

Let us show you how we can bring your vision to life!