Metal Stamping

Complex custom metal projects will need some form of metal stamping and the need for high volume production. Maysteel Industries, LLC offers various combinations of custom metal stamping including piercing, forming, diverse blanking, drawing and joining. Our fabrication technology employs the latest in die cutting technique that creates a more reliable process for metal stamping and metal drawing.

Maysteel Industries, LLC offers both in-die operations as well as in-line operations. Our die cutting operations includes inspection, tap, self-clinch and edge condition. In-line operations include rivet insertion, hardware insertion and resistance welding. Over the years, we have perfected these processes to lower Defective Parts per Million (DPPM) and protect our tool and die investments.

Our four metal stamping presses range from 150 to 500 tons.

Our 500 ton metal stamping presses feature large beds scaling up to 60″ by 120″, with a deep stroke and variable speed, ideal for metal drawing. In addition they feature the latest load sensing monitors and hydraulic overload, for the ultimate in tool and die protection.

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