Maysteel Custom Metal Fabrication: Bringing Your Vision to Life

There is more to what Maysteel does than just build metal cabinets. Custom Metal Fabrication is not just bending metal, it is taking your idea, using our principles of design for manufacturing (DFM), and making sure the project remains at or below budget. This is why after 75 years in the custom metal fabrication business, our engineers are considered some of the best.

Our design engineering team looks at each project individually. There is no template for any of our metal cabinet designs. We need to take into account current challenges and future program goals to deliver what our customers need. We stress early engineering involvement and design for manufacturing (DFM) to create solutions for any industry in order to make process of constructing the product easier and more economical.

Maysteel engineers pride themselves in creativity.

A lot of people don’t believe metal forming, punching or joining is a “creative” process, but there is a preciseness needed when designing custom metal cabinets. While each of our factories employs automation to ensure efficiency during the custom metal fabrication process, certified craftsmen and women continue to use precision welding and mechanical joining technologies to finish projects.

There are many factors that come into play when you bring a custom metal cabinet project idea to Maysteel. We understand the need to be a strategic regional partner and continue our relationships beyond the project completion. We invite you to take a virtual tour of our Wisconsin facilities and see what our 30 certified engineers work with on a daily basis