Aisle Containment

Data center aisle containment increases cooling and airflow efficiencies by isolating chilled intake air from hot exhaust air, reducing the operational costs associated with cooling and allowing for greater equipment densities. The unique design of DAMAC’s aisle containment system allows it to be quickly attached to any DAMAC rack or used with any 24″ wide third-party rack.

DAMAC’s Process for Aisle Containment

DAMAC enables organizations to focus their hot aisle and cold aisle containment strategies with less concern for the cost and downtime associated with retrofitting the data center facility. We understand that every data center is different and apply our engineering expertise to produce highly flexible products as well as cost-effective customized solutions.

Cold Aisle Containment Systems (CACS)

Reduce your energy costs by utilizing DAMAC's cold aisle containment solution. With DAMAC's cold-aisle containment solutions, the cold row is capped at the tops of the cabinets and across the aisle, and doors are installed at the ends of the row to contain cold air. 

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Hot Aisle Containment

DAMAC's hot aisle containment solutions isolate hot aisles with vertical panels to provide significant reductions in energy costs.

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Factors to Consider in Implementing an Aisle Containment Strategy

Choosing the right aisle-containment solution depends upon several factors, including:

Whether an existing data center must be retrofitted

  • Data center density
  • Uniformity of racks and aisles
  • Whether “raised floor” cooling is employed
  • Availability of a ceiling plenum to accept hot air

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