Maysteel Industries Announces Community And Educational Support Donations For 2015

January 8, 2016, Allenton, WI – Maysteel Industries LLC believes in creating long-term solutions to build manufacturing skills within the local economy of Allenton and surrounding communities. Through a three-part investment plan, Maysteel has committed to providing United Way of Washington County, Kewaskum High School, and Moraine Park Technical College with financial support to enhance programs for the betterment of families and individuals.

“Our 2015 investment goal builds a stronger community by supporting crisis/ prevention programs that assist Allenton residents; and through curriculums that develop manufacturing-based skilled training. By contributions to United Way of Washington County, Kewaskum High School, and Moraine Park Technical College’s technical programs designed for manufacturing, Maysteel donates to a full circle of resources for local individuals and families to address immediate needs and meet future goals. Our dedication to training and job creation starts right here by sharing and supporting the critical necessity of manufacturing as a viable career option with growth opportunity throughout Southeast Wisconsin. This will be increasingly important as our baby boomers move into retirement.” Kevin Matkin, President & CEO of Maysteel Industries LLC, said.

In addition to the monetary investment, Maysteel is committed to supporting education through offering plant tours for educators and students, committee involvement, and creating internships for students to trial careers in manufacturing.

The United Way of Washington County received $10,000 to benefit Elevate that supports individuals and families dealing with delinquency, drugs, alcohol and mental health issues through prevention, early intervention, and supportive services helping build a solid recovery plan for clients to live independently and successfully. Mary Simon, Executive Director of Elevate, was thankful for the funding and responded by saying, “Someone once said that whatever we possess, becomes of double value when we share it with others. Maysteel’s generous gift will help Elevate multiply the positive impact we can make in the lives of Washington County residents who struggle with the effects of substance use and mental health disorders.”

Kewaskum High School will receive a $20,000 gift for the KHS Technology and Engineering Educational programs. The donation will be used to upgrade the high school Computer-Aided Architecture (CAA) and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software at both the middle and high schools, as well as to enhance the existing Haas CNC Mill and Vex Robotics kits for the Electricity and Electronics program at the high school. Patrick Moerchen, a teacher in the Technology and Education programs stated, “Given the rapid evolution of technology in modern manufacturing, it is difficult, if not impossible, for technology educators to keep pace. We are able to greatly enhance our programs through the financial support received from Maysteel Industries. It will go a long way toward keeping opportunities current and meaningful to the 21st Century learner.”

Moraine Park Technical College’s manuFACTuring
initiative builds interest and enrollment in manufacturing related careers while streamlining the educational process and internship programs to assist both students and potential employers. Kevin Matkin states, “We know one of the main factors for students leaving prior to graduation is lack of available financial resources. In an effort to ensure that we aren’t losing students midway through degree completion, we will offer a $1,000 FACT Grant as a second year incentive to returning full time students.” MPTC will continue to receive funding from the three-year commitment made by Maysteel in 2014.

“As a member of this community, Maysteel welcomes the opportunity to participate in and support these local needs. As a ‘partner’ in this community, we should make these investments as we expect it will pay dividends to families, individuals and businesses for years to come,” Kevin Matkin said.


Kevin Matkin, President & CEO
Maysteel Industries LLC
(262) 832-9032

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Maysteel Industries LLC specializes in designing, engineering and manufacturing custom, precision, OEM sheet metal enclosures, electrical cabinets and metal fabricated assemblies. The company’s product solutions are widely used in the alternative energy, kiosk, gaming, security, medical, utility, industrial drive and automation, and self-serve/vending machine industries and are also found in a variety of other applications. Maysteel specializes in providing the lowest total product cost by employing design for manufacturability (DFM) solutions throughout the product lifecycle. Maysteel was founded in 1936 and today has manufacturing locations in Allenton, Wisconsin, and Monterrey, Mexico.  

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