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anniversaryLogoJune 13, 2016, Allenton, WI – July 2016 marks the 80th anniversary of Maysteel! Founded in Mayville, WI in 1936 by veteran sheet metal salesman Lyman MacIntosh, the Maysteel story has its humble beginnings in a rented building on Horicon Street. During those first formative years, Maysteel sharpened its reputation as a full service supplier of sheet metal products. Maysteel continued to grow and capitalize on their strengths in contract sheet metal manufacturing. The next three decades were marked by diversification into many different product lines including vending machines, hospital casework and light-metal fabrication.

It was in 1964 that Mr. Everett G. Smith bought a controlling interest in Maysteel. Then in 1976, in a bid to penetrate the growing office products and computer chassis market, contracts were cultivated with accounts such as TAB Products and IBM. Ever-increasing customer demands for quality, cost and lead-time improvements dominated Maysteel’s history through the turn of the century. In 2012, the Everett Smith Group sold Maysteel to Revolution Capital Group who officially changed the name to Maysteel Industries, LLC.

Through the dedicated efforts of all its employees, Maysteel Industries remains a leader in the complex, contract sheet metal fabrication industry primarily serving the power generation/distribution, self-service/kiosk, data storage and security markets.

Jonell Buslaff, a Production Lead, who started at Maysteel back in 1978 recalls her first day “I was very familiar with Maysteel since my father was a long-time employee. I grew up in Mayville when there were five Maysteel plants. My dad worked at Plant #2 which is now the location of Mayville City Hall! He came over to the Allenton plant when it opened and that’s where I started.”Jonell has seen a host of interesting things in her almost 40 years on the job. She fondly remembers then-Governor Tommy Thompson visiting the plant after an expansion.

“When I started at Maysteel, all of the offices were actually in travel trailers parked on the front lawn at the Allenton plant. Eventually we all got offices inside the plant, but the thing that keeps me coming back is the great people and great work environment. I’ll never forget how well I have been treated by all the great people that have come and gone over the years.” was the perspective that Manufacturing Engineering Manager and 30-year veteran Mark Mertzig shared.

Customer Service Team Leader Paula Keller adds, “One of the fondest memories of my time here at Maysteel was the go cart races in Menomonee Falls. Maysteel held the company picnic during the race as well. The first year we participated in the event, I was on the Pit Crew for the pit crew challenge. We won! We also won the best dressed pit crew and best of show for the go cart. This event was fun and it allowed people from various areas of the plant: Assembly, Maintenance, Paint, Shipping and Management, to work together on a project. Over the years, 32 now, I’ve witnessed this type of interaction and teamwork among my co-workers. This is also the reason why I stay and plan to retire from Maysteel.”

A special logo highlighting this milestone has been developed and Maysteel will be hosting an all-employee luncheon on July 14 to celebrate the anniversary. For more information on Maysteel’s sheet metal capability, visit


About Maysteel Industries LLC

Maysteel Industries LLC specializes in designing, engineering and manufacturing custom, precision, OEM sheet metal enclosures, electrical cabinets and metal fabricated assemblies. The company’s product solutions are widely used in the alternative energy, kiosk, gaming, security, medical, utility, industrial drive and automation, and self-serve/vending machine industries and are also found in a variety of other applications. Maysteel specializes in providing the lowest total product cost by employing design for manufacturability (DFM) solutions throughout the product lifecycle. Maysteel was founded in 1936 and today has manufacturing locations in Allenton, Wis. and Monterrey, Mexico. Maysteel is owned by the U.S.-based Revolution Capital Group.

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