A Time for Giving

The United Way of Washington County does so much for our community, it would be hard to fit all the good work on one page! Maysteel is proud to be part of a fundraising event for the United Way of Washington County that helps pre-school age children in our area become “school-ready” by giving them backpacks filled with several items they need to be successful.

Maysteel staff and teamIn September, Maysteel, along with more than 25 other local businesses, school districts and non-profit organizations got together to create the school-readiness bags as part of the “United for our Future” campaign. More than 400 of us filled 2,500 drawstring backpacks with storybooks, flashcards, learning games, a parent handbook, crayons, a USDA MyPlate, and more!

A few weeks ago, we delivered some of the “Bright Start Bags” to a Washington County pre-school and spent time with the children going through what was in the bags. The smiles of the children and knowing that just a little extra time spent on such a great initiative that can make such an impact makes us proud. Aleesha Lyons, Kathy Gullickson, Paula Keller, and Steve Guzewski from Maysteel spent their morning with these kids and loved every minute of it!
Kids with Maysteel staff

Along with the “Bright Start Bag” initiative, we are also continuing our workplace campaign for the United Way and are on pace to increase our employee giving by 18% this year. If your business wants to be involved in the community and give back to friends and neighbors, be sure to contact the United Way of Washington County!

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