Roger Doss - Business Development Manager - Alternative Energy, Medical, Industrial Drives

Roger DossHe earned an Associates degree in Electrical Engineering at DeVry University.

How did you start in this industry? Roger started working when he was 13, but really sees his career as 2 parts.  In his younger years, he was in automated material handling systems for corporate office buildings and hospitals, doing project management, engineering and technical work.  He decided to leave that altogether and went into component electronics, which led to OEM and customer solutions for the past 20 years.

What does he do and why does he love it?   Roger loves working with customers, and building long-term relationships.   He enjoys working at Maysteel because everyone understands the need to be customer focused and to deliver quality products on-time.  “When I can sit in a room with some engineers, solve problems and orchestrate a solution, I couldn’t be happier,” said Roger.

Geek out moment?   He had yet to see a need for tablets, until he got one for Christmas this year.  Now it is attached to his hip!

Roger himself? Roger has been married since 1976 to his high school sweetheart, Iris.  They have 3 grown children – all boys.  He is an avid football and Chicago Bears fan!  And loves to work on cars too.

Most people don’t know that Roger can actually be quite cranky….just ask Iris!

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Dave Miller - Business Development Manager - Self Service & Kiosk, Gaming, Security, Outdoor Utility

<Dave MillerOshkosh.  After being hired in sales he remembers his first call very well: it was an irate customer and in his own words, “I have been taking care of customers ever since!”

How did you start in this industry? Dave has a long sheet metal history, because his Dad was in this business for 30+ years.  His sister worked at Maysteel too, for 28 years…This family has over 80+ years in the sheet metal business!

What does he do and why does he love it? Dave spends most of his time helping customers find the best solution for their product needs – in the quickest time frame he can.  He loves being able to help people, have conversations about their issues, and find out what is most important to them.

Geek out moment? “I get most excited when we get to work on prototypes, and have the opportunity to really show folks that we can perform and know what we are doing.   Seeing the full design, or re-design, along with the cost reductions and improved manufacturability really works!”

Dave himself? He met his wife in college and they were married in 1990.  And even with 5 children (ages 11 to 20) he finds time to Coach Jr High Basketball and Little League Baseball!

Most people don’t know that Dave loves to shop and buy Legos for his youngest son so he can help him build fun things!

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Jim Stricker - New Business Development Manager

Jim Stricker

Jim lives in Southeastern Wisconsin, and just like the state of Wisconsin, manufacturing runs deep in his family. The vast majority of his family works in some form of manufacturing, from well known OEM’s to small contract manufactures. Like his family, Jim believes deeply in the rich tradition of manufacturing and what it brings to families and communities.

Jim values doing things effectively and efficiently the first time and most importantly with honesty and integrity. For him, Maysteel TRULY represents those core values and looks forward to representing those values every day. As Jim has been known to say, “there is something special about seeing a product being designed, developed and ultimately manufactured, then seeing it being used in everyday life and really understanding what it all took to make it happen”.

How did you start in this industry? After a few years of successful, specialty food sales, Jim continued to the feel the desire to be involved in manufacturing and “actually be a part of making something”, so he took the leap and started working inside sales at a local metal stamping company to get his start in manufacturing. Being very mechanically inclined by nature, he took to it “like a fish to water”. More than 25 years later, Jim still is excited for what every day brings and loves the process of developing solutions of all sizes with his customers.

What does he do and why does he love it? Jim enjoys getting to know people beyond the resume and title. He always wants to find ways that Maysteel can add value and help find solutions to problems. That, of course, comes much easier with open and honest dialog and a strong relationship. Jim much prefers a conversation to a “sales pitch”. He also loves seeing what customers are doing on their production floor. He’d much rather be in the customer’s plant then in his office.

Geek out moment? Being a part of a program from “napkin sketch”, through design phases and finally into production and use in the field, “Always GEEKS him out”.

Jim himself? Jim loves being outdoors hunting, fishing, hiking, gardening and wood working. Jim is married and has 5 girls, 15 years apart. If he’s not making something, he growing something or he’s hunting something. His motto “We’re not here all that long, so live life to its fullest with faith and happiness”.

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