Self-Service / Kioskself-service-kiosk

Indoor and outdoor self-service / kiosk units require durable designs that withstand situational and environment elements, fit ADA and consumer safety requirements, and reinforce a company’s brand.

Maysteel creates custom self-service / kiosk solutions for a variety of industries, including banking, travel, and food and beverage. These designs solutions can be seen around the world—in in grocery stores and shopping malls, airports and banks, and just about anywhere consumers are demanding ways to expedite their services. The Maysteel emphasis on design for manufacturability means companies realize cost savings as they roll out our self-service / kiosks on a large scale.

From generations of designs for leading Fortune 500 companies, to prototypes for innovative retail applications, Maysteel is the preferred industry manufacturer for a complete spectrum of self-service / kiosk units.

Maysteel’s self-service / kiosk solutions:

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