Metal Security Enclosuresmetal security enclosure

Theft, vandalism, tampering: three things that cannot happen to your metal security enclosure. Maysteel engineers design theft resistant and tamper resistant metal security enclosures with both a high level of durability and high level of protection. But, our engineers add something more to the design of your custom security enclosure: aesthetics. Your metal security enclosure will complement its surroundings and not stick out like a sore thumb.

Maysteel metal security enclosures will withstand attempted break-ins by vandals or thieves.

From ATMs to surveillance equipment to x-ray machines for airports, theft resistant and tamper resistant metal security enclosures are needed for many demanding applications. Our design engineers spend much of their time protecting product integrity.

Maysteel design engineers bring our clients into the prototyping stage so they can clearly see how the demands for the metal security enclosures are being met. Confident in the security and aesthetics of the design, clients can then reap the cost savings that come with Maysteel’s emphasis on design for manufacturability.


Benefits of Maysteel’s metal security enclosures:

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