Security EnclosuresMaysteel-security-enclosure-1

Security enclosures must have a high level of durability and offer a high level of protection. They also need to emphasize or complement their surrounding aesthetics. Sophisticated customization capabilities for both structural and cosmetic design are of the essence.

Maysteel is the solution, creating high-precision, custom security enclosures for a range of applications, from surveillance equipment to ATMs to time-delay safes and pawn safes to detection equipment such as baggage x-ray machines for ports and airports. Maysteel security enclosures are designed to protect product integrity for even the most demanding applications.

During the prototyping stage, clients are able to clearly see how their unique demands are answered by Maysteel’s design engineers. Confident in the security and aesthetics of the design, clients can then reap the cost savings that come with Maysteel’s emphasis on design for manufacturability.

Benefits of Maysteel’s security enclosures:

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