Alternative Energy Enclosures

The alternative energy industry is focused on protecting its internal technologies, which are housed by sheet metal enclosures. Harsh environmental stressors are often one of the primary concerns when seeking enclosure solutions.

Maysteel engineers resourcefully overcome environmental challenges and other situational factors, ensuring product reliability for both indoor and outdoor applications. From solar and wind solutions to electric vehicle charging stations, Maysteel creates custom alternative energy enclosures designed to protect your branded products.

In recent years, credits and subsidies to organizations that use alternative energy sources have led to substantial growth in this market. Maysteel has risen to meet the increased demand, providing alternative energy enclosures that efficiently and lastingly protect the technologies they house. As a result, clients realize bottom-line benefits not only through those tax credits and subsidies for alternative energy but also through the cost savings of Maysteel’s durable and made-for-manufacturability designs.

Benefits of Maysteel’s alternative energy enclosures:

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