Focus on Your Differentiation

New product development requires a myriad of expertise.  Expertise that understands technology shifts, designing, prototyping, fabrication trends, finishing requirements…and an on-time to market focus.  These are our principles and strengths, and can be your means of achieving business solutions.

And let you spend more time focusing on your specific challenges, so you can focus on where you are strongest:  your differentiator.

From Medical Imaging equipment (Diagnostic Imaging, X-Ray and Ultrasound machines) to laboratory and medical furniture (Medical enclosures, utility carts, examination tables and computer workstations) we provide custom sheet metal products best fit to the unique needs and requirements of each industry sector.

Let us show you how Maysteel can bring your differentiation to life.

We understand complexity in manufacturing, so you don’t have to.  Whether a single or high level of SKU difficulty, regardless of size, location or supply chain, our gated new product development, manufacturing and re-engineering processes will address and improve your business, delivering you an exceptionally well built, detailed and polished product for your brand.

Our Gated New Product Development dedicated team makes it their mission to understand your project requirements and provide the best possible solution for your medical device, medical furniture or other product applications  Compliance Engineering is a major challenge and Maysteel can help shorten your time to market by developing enclosure designs that meet regulatory requirements.

Unique to the contract manufacturing field, Maysteel’s headquarters house a 5,000 sq. ft. Innovation Center, a fully equipped micro factory within a factory. This Center strictly focuses on new product development (NPD), R&D, and product design approval, refining every stage of the process. It allows our engineers to ensure your medical design easily translates into a highly manufacturable product.

Our New Development Process, built for your needs.

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